28 Mar Feel good about every part of the statue making process

When commissioning big bronze statues, it pays to check the artwork before giving permission for the final work. Recently, a bronze statue of Mandela was found to have a small bunny rabbit included in one of the statue’s ears.

Politicians are said to be furious with the detail. It was spotted only when tourists started taking digital photographs of the figure, and zoomed in on the small detail. When questioned, the creators claimed that the feature was a way to sign their piece. The authorities are said to be planning to remove the rabbit, which will need to be carefully taken off as it is a solid part of a cast metal sculpture.

Of course, you can feel sure that we will rule out any such practice in our rigorous design process. Indeed, you will have complete oversight at each stage of our creation of your big bronze statues. It begins with your request of a free quote from us, at which point, you’ll provide us with details of your intended project that we’ll turn into a custom proposal.

Next, there will be a design meeting. This gives a more accurate impression of the final figure, and we can tweak the design until it has the right gestures. Next comes the model. It’s a three dimensional piece, and once created, it can be a great way to raise funds. Imagine holding an auction for it at a packed charity gala evening. Above all, it will include all the details of the finished work, which allows you to avoid any hiding bunny rabbits.

Then, we’ll commence the sculpting process. After an initial “block in” stage using hundreds of pounds of hand-applied hot clay, our experts will tweak every part of the figure, adding, subtracting, molding and sculpting until it looks exactly like the model that you signed off. Every tiny detail will be sculpted to ensure that the final statue is a true work of art. During this period, you can continue to order small figures to help your fundraising efforts. Every school child in your community might want to own a miniature of the statue.

Lastly, you can look the finished work over before we ship it to you. We encourage you to look for anything out of place on our big bronze statues, and should anything need to be adjusted, we can address the issue.

Such an all-encompassing fabrication process helps to ensure that when your bronze statue is finally unveiled, it will make a big fuss for all of the right reasons – rather than because there’s a small rabbit or other frustrating flaw or detail that leaves you having to make swift and embarrassing adjustments. Contact us now for more information about our big bronze statues.

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