20 Oct Errett Lobban “E.L.” Cord    

E.L. Cord is best known for his involvement in the automotive industry. Born in Warrensburg, Missouri, Cord had been a racecar driver, mechanic and car salesman before he was offered the opportunity to manage the dying Auburn Automobile Company in 1924. By 1928 he controlled Auburn, which by 1931 was the 13th largest seller of autos in the United States.

Those events acted as a springboard for Cord’s successful career as an automotive man. A collection of his cars of interest is in Auburn, Indiana at the Auburn Cord Duesenberg Museum.

The museum, which continues to thrive nearly 40 years after Cords death, boasts an impressive collection of vintage automobiles. Possessing nearly 130 cars, among them a red 1927 Auburn sedan, attracts thousands of visitors every year. As a museum that is always looking for ways to improve, they commissioned a bronze statue from Big Statues Art Studio.

The art studio has created a sculpture in the likeness of E.L Cord. The statue depicts Cord in a charismatic pose in one of him famous fashionable suits. The combination of the new statue, and Cord’s fascinating history has turned the Auburn Cord Duesenberg Museum into a landmark to add to the bucket list.

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