Bronze is considered as one of the oldest alloys to be produced by man. Around 5000 years ago, it was used to make various tools. It is believed that the artisanship and the techniques were quite the same and advanced as they are today.

Now once again, bronze is attracting many modern artists. Its property to expand before setting helps artists to carve even the most microscopic details. Dealing with bronze sculptures involves a great level of complexity. Patience, a good amount of resources and a very high degree of precision is required while creating sculptures in bronze. Big Statues have accomplished these very well for the past 45 years now.

Sculptures in Bronze


There are different techniques of casting any bronze sculpture. The important part is that each of these techniques needs an original basic mold. This can be of stone, metal, wax, clay or plaster, and the casting is either supposed to be carried out of sand casting or lost wax. They can be made in different shapes and sizes according to one’s requirements.

Some view these sculptures as forms of artistic beauty.  Others view them as a memory of their great legends and heroes. Since bronze sculptures show brittleness and strength, they are famous for being built as memorials of our great leaders and legends.

Big Statues has created sculptures like the bronze police officer memorial for the police department in Texas, which consists of bronze sculptures of public officers who have lost their lives protecting other people. These sculptures not only reflect physical strength but also emotional power. The sculptures were built to show gratitude for men who helped in the freedom and security of the country.

Bronze Police Statue
Creating a masterpiece is easy, but putting life into it is another challenge that only some seem to accomplish.

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