14 Jan Big Statues works with Disney Channel!

disneychannellogoAttention Disney Channel Lovers!

Who doesn’t love some good old Disney Channel? Better yet, the DCOMs (Disney Channel Original Movies)? They might be a little cheesy, ok a lot cheesy, but they are classics, and now we have an inside scoop on one!


Cloud 9 is one of the newest DCOMs and will premiere January 17 starring Luke Benwrad, Dove Cameron, Kiersey Clemons, and Mike C. Manning and is set in the realm of competitive snowboarding.

Cloud 9 is about a diva snowboarder, Kayla (Dove Cameron), who is rudely ejected from her team, forcing her to train with former snowboarding champ Will (Luke Benward), who struggles with the repercussions of his career-ending wipe-out branding him as an “epic failure”, which only adds to his low confidence. While Kayla trains with Will to redeem her stature, Will makes a training course which challenges her commitment to rise to professional competition, as Kayla is tasked with trying to inspire him to overcome his biggest internal obstacle — doubt.

But there’s more. Cloud 9 isn’t just another DCOM, trust me. And here’s why:

  1. Matt made the awards given out at the ceremony
  2. Matt and his family are IN the movie!

Matt is lucky enough to know the right people! A friend contacted him asking to make the awards, and of course he agreed and they turned out great!  Even though they’re not typical Big Statues work, it was a great opportunity!

Here is the original, through the creation process, from Drawing to Bronze award:


coud9award2.jpg      cloud9award1      cloud9award3                            

 cloud9awardsbronze     cloud9fireandice


Be sure to look for the awards and Matt and his family in Cloud 9 this Friday night!


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