21 Jul City of Hanlontown Commissions Big Statues for a Special Town Project

Hanlontown owes it beginning to the building of the Iowa Minnesota and North Western Railroad. This rail line is now part of the Union Pacific system. Fourteen town sites were laid out along the line with Hanlontown being one of them. The plat for Hanlontown was Certified on October 9, 1899 and the tracks were laid through Hanlontown on November 10, 1899 from the southeast to the northwest.

Standing in the city of Hanlontown, where Main Street crosses the rail road tracks, on the summer solstice, you will see the rails take on a golden glow just as the sun sets on the spot where the rails meet the horizon. Since 1980 Hanlontown has come together to celebrate the summer solstice on the evening of June 21, sun or no sun, with ice cream sundaes served at the tracks. The tracks are what started this town and now they will be apart of the town’s new bronze monument.

Commissioning Big Statues for the project, the city of Hanlontown’s bronze monument will highlight the famous railroad tracks and a bright sun setting in the distance. Matt Glenn, lead sculptor at Big Statues, commented saying, “It’s exciting when a town wants to do a bronze monument and even more exciting when it’s something that really represents the town.” Glenn and his team are working hard to make sure the detail on the tracks really represents those that run through Hanlontown, as detail is extremely important to the Big Statues team. The city of Hanlontown owes it beginning to the building of the Iowa Minnesota and North Western Railroad and now it will be represented beautifully in bronze. The town has not yet determined the location as to where the piece will be placed but wants it where all will be able to enjoy its bronze beauty.


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