09 Aug Bronze Sculpture Donated to Grand Teton National Park

Grand Teton National Park Superintendent Mary Gibson Scott is pleased to announce that a bronze sculpture of a mature bull moose was recently donated to the park by two members of the Grand Teton National Park Foundation, Steve and Roberta Denning.
The large bronze statue of the moose stands near the courtyard of the Craig Thomas Discovery and Visitor Center and serves as a symbolic ambassador for Grand Teton as it greets visitors from near and far.
Thanks to the Dennings’ generous donation, park visitors are charmed by a realistic life size replica statue of one of the park’s most iconic animals. Titled ‘September’ by American artist Michael Coleman, the life-size moose sculpture stands over nine feet tall at its antlers. This imposing custom bronze statue has quickly become a fascinating attraction for kids and adults alike. Many visitors stop to snap a photograph standing next to this, one of the most cheerful bronze statues of a moose, before they venture into the visitor center.
The Dennings donated the bronze statue through the Grand Teton National Park Foundation, the park’s primary fundraising partner. With one hundred percent funding by Foundation donors, a new state-of-the-art auditorium was recently added to the Discovery Center and dedicated on July 6.
As the ‘September’ moose sculpture continues to be a popular attraction for visitors, it seems only fitting that it resides in Moose, Wyoming at the Craig Thomas Discovery and Visitor Center: a facility that the Foundation was instrumental in helping to fund and open in 2007.
“It’s been fun to watch the reactions and expressions of kids, teenagers and adults when they come face to face with the life-size moose sculpture,” said Superintendent Scott. “The Dennings have given the park and its visitors a unique and enduring bronze statue gift. Their donation will likely provide not only photographic memories, but also a greater appreciation for native wildlife. This unique bronze sculpture also offers visitors a great opportunity to view one of the park’s largest animals at close range, in complete safety.”
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