14 Aug Bronze Busts for the Heroes

Big Statues released two bronze statue busts to pay homage to the heroic valor of the public officers who have passed away in the line of duty while striving to protect the lives and liberty of others around them. These public officers work hard day in and day out to make our lives safer. However, in the bargain, they inevitably put their lives in constant danger.

The two bronze busts depict a police officer and a firefighter and the bronze statue sculptures will be kept in Dayton Ohio in a local memorial park. The busts will hopefully provoke viewers to develop more respect and empathy to these everyday heroes, who tirelessly and fearlessly strive to make their cities a better place to live.

Bronze Bust


We started working on these busts earlier in the year, and they were sculpted by our bronze sculpture artists by hand. The bronze statue busts are cast in a beautiful bronze and special attention has been made for the tiny details of the officers’ faces. Our bronze sculpture artists gave special attention to the details in the officer badges and the uniform buttons, as these details are particularly significant to a public officer. They also made exact and detailed replicas of the gear and badges used today by the public officers in Dayton Ohio.

Statue Sculpture

Our bronze sculpture artists have been very careful with the bronze statue to do full justice to our goal, as we wished to convey our gratitude to these heroes who work selflessly towards a better world. The men and women who fall in the line of duty while protecting our lives and our freedom deserve nothing better than the best bronze sculptures dedicated to their memories.

Like all the artwork of our bronze sculpture artists, these bronze statue busts of our local heroes are unique and represent a great deal more than their face value.

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