17 Sep Bronze Art Sculpture – A Symbol of Honor, Pride and Tradition

Bronze –A Strong and Ductile Metal

Bronze is the most popular metal alloy used for making bronze art sculpture. It has a desirable and unusual property of slight expansion to fill the finest details of the mold. Its qualities of ductility and strength allow the sculptor to create extended figures in the finest form.

Sculptures are Made in Remembrance of People

Making bronze art sculpture is a highly skilled occupation. Sculptures are made in order to remember famous personalities and those who gave their lives for the nation. A sculpture demonstrates honor, pride and tradition. It creates a legacy when the bravest and kindest characteristics of a person are turned into the beautiful and admirable piece of bronze art. Besides, shining sculptures add to the look of the environment. Hence, various agencies choose to place such great statues in the environs of their buildings.

bronze art sculpture

Big Statues – The Largest Sculpting Facility

Big Statues, being the largest sculpting facility in the nation, has cast the finest sculptures of bronze for recognizing clients across the globe. Its team of highly skilled, experienced and professional hands works efficiently to elicit perfection in every work of art.

The Technique of Making Bronze Art Sculptures

The company’s studio is equipped with everything that is needed for creating a lifetime monument. Their technique for making bronze art sculptures is very systematic to ensure that every created statue is a masterpiece. They begin by creating a sketch from a photo or an idea. The design is finalized with the samples of materials, drawing and a miniature clay mold. A steel frame is made with foam to protect the rough outline of the statue. The sculpting begins after it is sealed with a latex coating. The first block is made by applying hundreds of pounds of hot clay. Every tiny detail is ensured to make the statue a quality work of art.

Making Bronze Sculptures

Big Statues’ Current Projects

Bust of Nurse, Reverend Jones, Bear Catching Fish, and Baby Elephant Drinking Fountain are some of Big Statues’ current projects of this year.

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