07 May Bring Positive Attention to Your Business in a Creative Way

When you think of statues what is the first thing that comes to mind? For most it is the Statue of Liberty on the coast of New York, maybe for you it is Abraham Lincoln in Washington DC or a memorial statue in your town. Whatever the statue may be, you also relate it back to the place you saw it. Instantly that place is much easier to remember! Not many people would know of Ellis Island if it weren’t for the Statue of Liberty being placed there and this is how it works for many places. Here at Big Statues we have seen again and again just want a statue can do. Wether it is bringing out an emotion to the viewer, a memory of a person or event that has taken place, or representing what the building, town, state, or even country stand for, statues have a way of being remembered.

However, a statue doesn’t need to be placed for tourist attraction or remembrance alone, it can be used as a tool to help your company. Let’s go over some of the reasons this might be the case:

1. The “remembrance” factor. Just like stated above, statues have a way of being remembered. Placing a statue inside or outside your company’s building will give people a place to associate the statue with. It is scientifically proven that people remember much more of what they see than what they hear. Especially if what they are seeing is unlike something they have seen before. By placing a statue in your business you are giving people that memory of a statue that stands tall and has museum quality aspects to it. Here at Big statues, that is what we focus on. Statues that are museum quality that stand out, which leads us to our next point.

2. Customize your statue. Make your statue unique. With the statistic above, a statue will help a customer remember you, but something they have never seen before that stands out? That is what they are going to remember. Big Statues has done all kinds of statues, from Gandhi to mascots, farmers to rockstars, soldiers in all kinds of poses to dragons, a whole team of Little League players to a 12″ statue of a beloved family member. Relate your statue to your business and then find creative ways to represent it!

3. Bring a wow factor to your door. A few posts back we talked about a statue going in front of a football stadium and talked about how putting a statue there would bring excitement. Though you may not think of a statue as “exciting” many do! Think back to all those college graduate pictures you may have seen in the past years, many were probably in front of a statue of a mascot. There are hundreds of photographs of statues for their exciting wow factor. You too can create something that people will want a picture of to capture it’s uniqueness and greatnessLittle League 2. Once you have the statue you can also use it in your marketing, on tours of your building, or to remember historical events.

Putting a statue in front or inside your business is a great way to bring attention to your business in a creative and cost effective way to advertise! Here at Big Statues we are committed to provide you with something you will be proud of and that will last a life time. Try a new way of grabbing peoples attention, contact Big Statues for more information.

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