29 Feb Big Statues – To Create President FDR in Bronze

Most know Franklin Delano Roosevelt as FDR, the man who led American’s through one of the most difficult times most can remember. FDR was the great strength of America through the Great Depression. He created the New Deal, a program of relief, recovery, and reform, while most were suffering dramatically with the poor economic state of the country. A man who suffered greatly with polio, had a heart of gold. When he could have been focused on his own heartbreaks, sicknesses, and sufferings, he cared most about his fellow Americans’, and focused his efforts on making the United States of America, a happy home for all.

Members of the city board for Fountain Hills, Arizona, wanted to add this great American hero, to their collection of influential individuals who helped develop the growth of America and the citizens of this particular city. They felt that FDR would be the perfect addition. They have decided to name this statue “Strength to our People”, which was prominently displayed as a major focus in the actions of this dear President.

Matt Glenn, president, and head sculptor of Big Statues, is extremely honored to have been chosen out of many artists, to be the one to bring this idea to life. “He was such a great man, and influenced the life of my family, and many others, in countless ways. This is a true honor.” Matt Glenn plans to put everything he has, in portraying the great qualities of FDR in this special statue. “What a great way to celebrate this month and specifically President’s Day holiday, working on this once in a lifetime opportunity. It’s not everyday that you get a chance to create a statue of a President of the United States of America, especially one that was loved so much.”

For more information on Fountain Hills, Arizona and this particular project, visit their website here.


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