14 Sep Big Statues Releases Their Seventh Bronze Statue For the Coveted Automobile Museum Series

The Auburn Duesenberg Automobile Museum continues forward with the custom bronze statue series of automobile engineers. The seventh installment was unveiled this past Labor Day weekend.

The museum has been fulfilling their vision and mission of innovation, influence and design through the construction of life-size bronze statues of automotive pioneers who were involved with Auburn Automobile Company and Duesenberg, Inc. They have commissioned Big Statues owner Matt Glenn to be the lead sculptor in creating these life-size sculptures. His team has already completed multiple statues for the museum to date, and is now in the process of creating the seventh statue in the collection.
The seventh custom bronze addition is of Herbert C Snow, one of the resourceful minds of Auburn engineers. He was responsible for the invention of the front-wheel-drive and suspension design.
Every year over Labor Day weekend, the Auburn Cord Duesenberg Festival celebrates this automotive history of engineers. Each of these historical figures are displayed, proudly standing in beautiful bronze in front of the Auburn Cord Duesenberg Automobile Museum. The museum has been so astounded by the work and the quality they have seen in all the sculptures that have been created by Big Statues, and the work of these sculptures will continue every year.
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