14 Feb Big Statues releases new line of 3-dimensional bronze signs

Big Statues has recently released their new line of 3D bronze signs; the perfect addition to mark any establishment.

The first 3D bronze sign Big Statues created was for the Tiger Football Team.  This particular one is 20 inches tall, but represents a prototype of what could be a larger sign as well.

Orem Tigers Plaque


Another 3D sign wascreated for Tuttle Family Dental located in Orem, Utah and Sacramento, California.  Big Statues worked with Dr. Greg Tuttle and his wife, Marti Tuttle throughout the entire process.  The 3D sign is now outside their Orem office for all to see as they pass by.

TuttleDental1                          TuttleDental2

In addition, Big Statues has also created a sign for Utah’s Brown Brothers Construction, marking their 50th Anniversary.  Big Statues worked with Diane Goodwin, as well as the Company’s CEOs Michael Brown, Albert Brown, and Ellis Brown.  This 48-inch statue is located inside the Headquarters office for guests to see. 


These 3D signs are cast in a fiberglass resin and coated with a bronze patina.  Referencing the Brown Brothers Construction sign, Michael Brown said: “ Is this bronze? I can’t believe how much it looks like bronze! The detail is remarkable too,” which can be said for all 3D bronze signs made by Big Statues.  Another option is to finish the 3D signs in a gold plating, giving it a brighter gold look, like the Tuttle Family Dental sign. 

Just like with the rest of Big Statues’ work, these 3D signs can be made at any size and can include any desired details.  There are no limits to what Big Statues can do!

These 3D bronze plaques can be used for many purposes.  Whether it is for company-wide purposes, a form of advertisement, or to mark an important event, these signs are just what any establishment needs to take it to the next level.  Big Statues is more than happy to help. 

For more information or to order your own today, visit www.bigstatues.com.


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