30 Jul Big Statues Releases Bronze Public Hero Sculptures- Press Release


Big Statues announces the release of two bronze busts created in memory of public officers who have fallen in the line of duty while protecting others.


The bronze busts, which depict a firefighter and police officer, will be placed in a local memorial park in Dayton Ohio.


Big Statues began the production of the firefighter and police officer busts earlier this year, paying special attention to the small details included in the uniform’s buttons and achievement badges.  Both bronze sculptures include detailed replicas of the exact badges and protective gear that are used by the local hero’s in Dayton, Ohio today.


The bronze sculpture busts were hand sculpted by the artists of Big Statues and cast in stunning bronze.  Each element of the artwork was carefully sculpted to show gratitude for men and women who have fallen while protecting the freedoms of our beautiful country and the people of Ohio.


Each piece of artwork created by Big Statues, whether big or small, is customized to the exact wishes of each client. The sculptors at Big Statues ensure that you receive a unique piece of artwork that can be appreciated by all.

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