17 Aug Big Statues Puts on a Great Show at the 2011 Fraternal Order of Police Expo in Salt Lake City

Protect and Serve! Big Statues may not lay their life on the line every time we go into the shop… (that is, not unless we’re really not careful)… but this weekend, we got to meet some of the bravest men and women that sure do! On August 14-16th, Big Statues had the pleasure of exhibiting at the 2011, 60th Biennial National Conference and Expo for the National Fraternal Order of the Police, where members Matt Glenn and Erin Callister were able to meet and exchange with some of the most fascinating public servants from around the country.  Coming from departments and lodges from California to Maine, all sorts of law enforcement personnel came to meet at the Salt Palace Convention Center for a week of information, networking, and fun.  Here members were able to visit a fantastic exhibition of booths presenting all ranges of products and services from the latest technology in non-lethal weapons, to security cameras, motorcycles, and bullet-proof vests. Countless non-profit organizations that help wounded or disabled police officers meet and participate in enriching outdoor activities were there to help foster and grow the national family of policemen and women. Great universities and online programs that offer quick and easy paths to further officer’s educations and careers were there to show how even retired officers could gain their next degrees. There were flashing lights, zapping blasts from taser demonstrations, flying bullets from nerf gun shooting competitions, and yes, even sinful doughnuts, but some of the most amazing displays were the bronze statuary and memorials that artists created for these selfless officers.

Big Statues offers the finest museum-quality artwork in bronze sculptures and life-size bronze monuments and was able to help representatives from police departments, new and old, discover how they could have a completely one-of-a-kind police memorial of their very own. Here, we presented bronze plaques, bronze busts, life-size statues, quarter-life statues, scale models, and bronze figurines of police-chiefs, fallen officers, and K-9 champions to men and women searching for a way to honor their greatest heroes.

Just picture it now.

Grand monuments of larger than life size bronze statues of police officers, standing nine feet tall, surrounded by bronze plaques engraved forever with the names of policemen and women who have given their lives to protect your families and friends. Walls of etched marble and stone pavers at your feet, showing all the names of donors and associations that helped make the monument possible. 3-D relief bronze seals at the center of the pavers, and bronze plaques of police department badges on every wall. Benches and flagpoles with special names engraved. Banners and flags of America, your state, and your city, waving in the gentle breeze above it all. And at the heart of everything, a heroic size custom bronze statue of an officer with such kind eyes, a noble smile, and an outstretched hand to all those that call that city home.

Big Statues has made so many dreams come true with monuments for police departments just like this all over the country. It was the greatest honor to spread the word to everyone that came to be a part of such a memorable experience can have a bronze memorial too.



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