Big Statues | Big Statues LLC Aims to Hit Personal Historic Landmark
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08 Jul Big Statues LLC Aims to Hit Personal Historic Landmark

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Everyone has a dream at some point in their life. The difference however, is not everyone takes action and pursues their dream and passions. For Matt Glenn, President and lead sculptor at Big Statues, he made that dream become a reality. Matt has been creating custom bronze monuments for over 15 years. Matt has studied tirelessly and learned the refined art of sculpting in clay. He has created monuments both large and small for communities all over the world. He has created monuments for several municipalities, private organizations, and fortune 500 companies. Sculpting is his passion, and he loves what he does.

When Big Statues LLC was first created, they produced a mere one project a year. That was over 15 years ago. Today, the company works on several projects a month, lands multiple new ones a week, and has continued to increase production by a drastic amount. They are just as much on the international scale as they are local, from creating projects in Tonga, to The Cayman Islands, Mexico, Canada, and many more. If Big Statues continues their rapid growth and progression, Matt Glenn sees them becoming one of the top statue providers in the industry. “Each statue has it’s own story,” said Matt. “I look forward to coming in to work every day just to see what new project requests we will receive for that day. It’s never the same thing, and it continues to get better and better.” Big Statues has multiple huge unveilings in the work, many of which they would not divulge but simply said.”Trust us. It’s gonna be big!” We do know for certain that one of the unveilings will take place in Hollywood for the late Lemmy Kilmister, lead frontman for the rock band Motorhead.

Big Statues thrives off of competition and pushing the boundaries on what can and cannot be done. Although they have big plans ahead, they always stick to their roots and stay grounded. They love what they do, and their focus will always be on helping their customers to turn their vision and dream into a bronze, artistic reality. Matt Glenn is living his dream, and now he wants to help others do the same and help bring their ideas to life.

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