18 Apr Big Statues Is on Fire as They are Commissioned to Create Another Prestigious Award

FullSizeRender (48)In recent months, Big Statues has gained recognition as they have been commissioned to undergo large scale projects ranging from world famous zoo’s to big name Hollywood celebrities. Although the Utah based company thrives off of these big projects, they also take part in creating much smaller statues. Even though the size of the statue may diminish, the companies that are requesting these custom bronze sculptures from Big Statues are not small by any means.
Big Statues was commissioned earlier this year to create custom awards for the CEO of Mercedes Benz in South Carolina. The Arts 4 Peace Awards in Hollywood, California, and they are now in the process of creating the teacher of the year awards for the Granite School District in Utah. After being interviewed about the process of selecting Big Statues to create the awards for the school district, the Granite Education Foundation stated that “the work of Big Statues certainly shows a giftedness at art. The detail in their sculptures and statues is non-replicable.” When dealing with the feat of creating precise awards for a purpose, it is a much bigger project than it appears to be.
Each teacher award symbolizes an achievement. Typically, it’s an achievement that has been obtained through blood, sweat and tears against all odds, and against the ruthless competition of others. The award represents the pinnacle of their success and must portray a great landmark. This is done with extreme detail, creative character and design, and backed by a culture that believes in bringing peoples visions to life.

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