23 Feb Big Statues is Commissioned to Memorialize the Tragic Passing of a Football Player

What started out as a competitive high school football game, soon turned out to be a game that would change the lives of thousands forever. Big Statues LLC was commissioned by Joshua High School to memorialize Aaron Singleton, a 15-year-old JV football player who took a hard blow to the head which ended up taking his life.

Big Statues is well knoAaron Singleton sketch_wo (1)wn for their custom bronze memorials that they have created over the years for all sorts of occasions. Although it is an honor to undergo such projects, it is never easy. This time around was no different. Big Statues LLC was commissioned to create a custom bronze memorial for a young JV football player, Aaron Singleton, out of Joshua, Texas who played for the Joshua Owls.

Aaron played baseball, ran track, sang in the choir and played mellophone in the marching band. He was also working hard towards becoming an Eagle Scout. At Joshua High School’s football stadium Friday night, they honored Aaron. His teammates wiped away tears, and his fellow band members marked his place in the stands with flowers. Blue ribbons dotted the crowd, sold to raise funds for his family. Even the opposing sides fans wore Joshua High School blue in tribute.

Spectators said he got up, and he walked off the field like normal. He looked a little wobbly, like he’d been hit in the head. They say trainers eventually came over, and people realized Aaron was having a seizure. “He was on the bench, and he was sitting really awkward. And it wasn’t right,” said one of the teammates. Aaron was seizing for nine minutes. They said he had a blood clot and some swelling in the brain stem, and eventually passed away at the hospital.

Big Statues will be erecting a life size bronze version of Singleton, down on one knee with his helmet placed in front. The project is in the beginning phases with hopes of being completed near the end of summer 2017. Matt Glenn of Provo, UT, will be fronting the project. With over 20 years of experience under his belt, he plans on making this memorial a special experience for the high school. “What an honor it is to be able to recreate the life of someone through a custom bronze memorial,” stated Glenn. “It is a beautiful experience to be a part of, just as much for us as it is for the family.”

To stay updated on the created of this life-size memorial, visit the progress at Big Statues.


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