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Statues are a representation of your values, culture, and belief. Building a statue can put your business out there. Between commissioning the piece, updating on its progress, and holding a press event for its unveiling, statues garner long-lasting attention. A shiny, beautiful wo

But did you know statues reach further then just the people next to them? As Forbes says, social media presence “simultaneously makes you easier and more accessible for new customers, and makes you more familiar and recognizable for existing customers.” Events are effective at bringing in customers because they leverage this attention to bring in more sales and a higher public perception.

The process for completing a statue is intricate and complex. Throughout the whole process, you’ll be consulting with your hired artist to bring out the image you want. With that in mind, here are some examples of what statues do for landmarks, businesses, and individuals.

Create An Iconic Landmark

Landmarks bring a source of pride to the community. Landmarks are usually steeped in history, so they are what make for a good story to tell visitors. Another great way to get your name and story out the public, create a statue. Create a statue of someone of importance or something that tells the history of your business. When you create an iconic landmark out of a statue, you will begin to generate tourism. Landmarks always play a huge role in attracting visitors to your location. These landmarks are where many people pose with for picture taking, which we will touch on later.

Landmarks bring value into any situation, including business. Aside from making a city more popular, landmarks also improve the value of the buildings and structures around them. Landmarks become the heart and soul to any location.

Think about some of the most famous locations that you have visited, or the ones that are most often traveled. Is it the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the Lincoln Memorial, or the Statue of Liberty? Why are they so well known? 

What makes them so popular and interesting? So interesting in fact, the location makes the ‘cut’ on to everyone’s “Places to See” bucket list. It is because of the landmarks, statues, buildings, etc.  that have been created that make them world known and famous.

You have this opportunity to make your business widely known and become a landmark. Statues are a great help and benefit in getting your business to this level.

Hamilton "Hammy" for Bam Bam's BBQ

The statue created for this delicious BBQ house in Orem, UT.  Hammy creates a great photo opportunity for guests and locals to help promote this awesome restaurant on all social media sites. Hamilton is the mascot for this delicious neighboring restaurant in our home town! 

Statues create interest and positive energy for your business in several ways. Every major athletic venue and stadium in the country, many well-known business corporations, and countless grand memorials throughout the world have one thing in common; they are all represented by a life-size bronze statue. Whether it is a mascot of the team, or simply a symbol or famous icon that has been erected, these statues create a connection between the brand and the consumers. They represent power and prosperity. They are the face of a certain culture.

There are multiple benefits that will immediately come to fruition with the beautiful addition of a bronze statue outside their business, and here is the top three.

The first is brand recognition. This bronze artwork will without a doubt instantly increase traffic to the brand name.

Second, it’s a status symbol. People subconsciously attach bronze monuments with high honors and achievement.

Third, it will last a lifetime and puts a business ahead of the competition by being a symbol of endeavor and stability for the future.

Scott Warner is the owner and founder of Bam Bam’s BBQ, a huge hit in the West. He recently spoke about their statue of the giant pig, “Hamilton”, that sits out front of his highly successful BBQ restaurant that we installed for them. He stated, “I can’t believe more owners don’t install bronze statues outside their business to increase brand awareness. The growth that we had after the installment of the statue was absolutely staggering.”

Use Your Big Statue to Boost Your Social Media Presence

Statues can bring your company increased brand recognition. Pictures posted on other social media sites can bring more traffic to your work and will also get your business’ name out there. Forbes talks about benefits to using social media to get your name out there. “This is important because it simultaneously makes you easier and more accessible for new customers, and makes you more familiar and recognizable for existing customers.”

Think about the power behind a simple hashtag.

Any time anyone posts a picture of the statue that represents your company, that is one more post that indicates what that statue represents and gets your name out there for others to see. “Trending” hashtags are a powerful tool, for you and your business to use for the benefit of your company. 

Every post that you make it in on social media, is another opportunity for you to convert customers. Word spreads like wildfire especially through social media, where everyone can connect, and where almost everyone has it with them at the tips of their fingers everywhere they go. 

Forbes also said, “Every blog post, image, video, or comment shared is a chance or someone to react, and every reaction could lead to a site visit, and eventually conversation.” Social media creates higher brand authority for your company. The more that your customers are talking about your products on social media, the more valuable your brand will seem to new customers.


Tips for A successful social media campaign

There are two huge advantages to including statues in your social media campaign. First, it creates a literal image for your company. Do you have a mascot you want people to remember? A founder who’s also a local hero? Find parks that are interested in your statute, and decide which one will fit your campaign best. Try parks both national and local, since making a small splash can still have huge ripples.

The statue will be remembered for years to come as your company’s unique contribution to the area. Your business will be mentioned alongside the city’s history long after the statue itself is built.

Second, the statue’s unveiling itself is an amazing press coverage event. Have photographers from both news agencies and your own organization there at the event to capture every moment. Invite officials and fans from all over, and make the event themed around your organization–what you stand for, the products you sell, what your impact is in the world, etc. Press events like this spread like wildfire on social media, all for free. Encourage people to post selfies in front of the new statue with hashtags relating to your organization. Getting to know a few people at an event can snowball into future engagements.

A statue is a great way to start the amazing networking process through social media. Without social media, your customer traffic is just limited to people who are familiar with your product of your company

Read About How to Fund Your Statue

Here at Big Statues, our Master Sculptor, Matt Glenn and his team are dedicated to ensuring our statues are done to the highest standards. We recognize that art of this caliber comes with a high price tag and with high expectations. Cost can often be a barrier and we are here to support our customers from concept through to the unveiling… [read more…]


Jimi Jamison, Hard Rock Cafe

The statue, created to commemorate Jimi Jamison’s countless accomplishments, was unveiled Sunday the 26th of October at the Hard Rock Café in Memphis, Tennessee. The statue depicts Jamison during a performance, microphone in hand, while he sings.

Jimi Jamison, best known as the lead vocalist for 1980s hit band Survivor, died at 63 after suffering a heart attack on August 31st of 2014.

The event spurred the emotions of those closest to him. All of the love from his friends and family turned into action and they decided to have a sculpture erected in his honor.

The statue, created to commemorate his countless accomplishments, will be unveiled Sunday the 26th of October at the Hard Rock Café in Memphis, Tennessee. The statue depicts Jamison during a performance, microphone in hand, while he sings.

The statue pose was chosen to show the immense passion and talent Jamison had for music.

Matt said, “I want everyone who sees the statue to feel the huge impact Jimi Jamison had on so many people’s lives through his music.”

The event is turning out to be an enormous celebration of Jamison’s life, and many in attendance can see the gratitude in those involved in the creation of the bronze statue.

The touching memorial was filled with words of love for the late Jimi Jamison. Truly an amazing man, those in attendance will never forget the inspiring personality he had.

We are honored to have been a part of Jimi Jamison’s legacy, and work so closely with his friends and family.

Memorialize a Loved One

Perhaps the person your statue will represent was close to you, a family member or friend. Plenty of statues have been made to represent historical figures, both personal and popular. Making the likeness of someone out of bronze ensures that many, many people will remember them, and that their impact will not be forgotten. It’s also a way to honor everything they did, as a representation of the impact they had on the lives of those around them. 

Statues can be an honor to whoever they represent. By showcasing what they did in life, these statues continue the legacy of your loved one.

Bob's Red Mill

On February 15, 2019, Bob Moore had his 90th birthday celebration. He did not have to go out to a restaurant in order to celebrate with his friends and family because birthday Bob is the founder of Bob’s Red Mill Whole Grain Store.

As a way to honor Bob Moore’s work, his employee-owned company commissioned the creation of a life-size sculpture of its founder Bob Moore. For this project, they called upon Big Statues an accomplished set of artists, whose work takes place at an art studio in Provo, Utah.

Before his personal likeness was made into a statue, Bob Moore previously worked with master sculptor Matt Glenn of Big Statues to create a 14-inch-high, realistic bronze sculpture of a wheat kernel. This beautiful piece shows the anatomy of the seed. Bob Moore uses this artwork as a visual aid when he explains the nutritious value of different parts of the kernel.

Matt Glenn created the life-size sculpture of Bob Moore with the help of Bob visiting the artist studio twice to give his measurements and work with them on the design. While at the studio, Bob and Matt got to know each other well. This helped Bob learn more about the sculpting process and helped Matt make a very realistic rendition of Bob as a life-size statue.

Ultimately, four copies of the statue of Bob were made. One was placed at the company’s corporate offices and another was placed at the mill. The other two are used to send out to locations around the world to go on display in order to promote the company’s brand, increase brand awareness, and gain more attention on social media.

Read About Ordering Your Bronze Statue

Commissioning a custom statue is a way to bring class and affluence to a public or private space. Whether you want to commemorate a significant event or memorialize a special person, a custom bronze sculpture is an ideal way to pay tribute, either in private or public, like a sculpture park or garden.  Read More…


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