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Statues are a lasting way to remember someone. Building a statue means honoring the memory of that person, passing on their ideals and bravery to the next generation. It means making someone’s contributions permanent.

By displaying these pieces of beautiful art, you show your patients the care and commitment you put into your work. Other organizations, such as universities, public parks, and other municipalities benefit from the aesthetic, historical value statues add.

People associate the efforts your organization makes with the greatness of the person symbolized by the statue. A work of art symbolizes what you contribute to the world, as well.

Choosing an Artist

The artist you choose is the translator between your imagination and the final product. Each artist, or group of artists, will have their own interpretation of what you ask them to do.

Research carefully with an eye for artists who have made statues similar to the one you want to make. That way, you can easily explain what you’d like them to do, and make sure their personal style matches the memory you want to preserve.

Why Commission a Statue for Your Organization?

Public art locations are some of the most famous landmarks and draw attention to the organization which commissioned it.  For example, the famous “Bull Gator” statue at the University of Florida commemorates both their football alumni and financial contributors, and attracts visitors far and wide.

Image Source: College Magazine

Public Art

Statues beautify the area they occupy. They attract visitors to see the statue and its surrounding buildings and attractions. This is why so many parks have statues; they provide an amazing aesthetic for visiting park patrons.

The most popular material for statues is bronze. This is because bronze is shiny, malleable, and easy to work with. In fact, bronze shines even better the more it absorbs sunlight, as long as it’s cleaned and maintained properly.

Celebrate History

Does your organization have a founder they’d like to remember? A team mascot to commemorate? Try a statue!

Statues go great in central courtyards with good lighting and plenty of space. That way, they can attract enough attention to attract people’s curiosity. Putting up statues of founders and mascots is a call-to-arms for long-time fans and a self-introduction to new fans. This is why so many colleges have statues of their sport teams’ mascots.

Honor Sacrifices

We raise statues to honor those who came before, and to honor the contributions they made. Historical figures may no longer walk among us, but keeping their likeness in the public eye puts their actions at the forefront of that community’s memory. Statues are impossible to miss. That’s why the things they stand for are remembered forever.

Read About How to Fund Your Statue

Here at Big Statues, our Master Sculptor, Matt Glenn and his team are dedicated to ensuring our statues are done to the highest standards. We recognize that art of this caliber comes with a high price tag and with high expectations. Cost can often be a barrier and we are here to support our customers from concept through to the unveiling… [read more…]


What Organizations Should Have a Statue?


Tons of hospitals have statues commemorating the person they’re named after. This person is often a famous doctor, a saint, or a financial contributor and philanthropist. Having a bronze statue in a crowded, busy hallway can be inconvenient, so try the front door instead. Or perhaps the central courtyard, depending on the layout of your facility.


Tons of non-profit organizations are made possible by the generous contributions of selfless men and women. Honor their sacrifices with a statue & commemorative display outside your building.


Consider asking the city for permission to put a statue up in a public park. Each state’s process is different, so become familiar with who you need to talk to. If you’re a business, this can also work wonders for advertising; it draws attention to your organization that you can leverage to do more good.


A fitting locale for historical figures! Tons of artists and historians come together to make museums available to everyone. Whether it’s an art museum or a history museum, check in with locals and see if they would like a commemorative statue. Because museums rely on donations, research how to fund your own statue.

High Schools

Sports? Mascot? First principal? Get some alumni together and get some ideas! Some high schools have statues on anniversaries (10th, 25th, etc) and include the names of everyone who contributed. These statues are amazing ways to remember those who graduated as part of that year’s class and stamp your name on history!

(Ok, that sounded a little cheesy. But in all seriousness, getting together to build a high school statue is also fun because you get to catch up with other students you haven’t seen in a while).


As emblems to knowledge themselves, libraries are great public places to put a statue. And pretty much any historical figure works well in front of a library. Just make sure that whoever you put up commemorates the knowledge that library stands for. Try to honor local heroes, too.

Replacing Outdated and Offensive Ideas

Replacing statues?

Because statues represent people and ideals from past eras, controversies concerning public figures have come up in recent years. For example, with the resurgence of movements like #BlackLivesMatter, some people wonder if statues depicting Confederate officers should stay up. The American Civil War was largely fought over the issue of slavery, which the Confederacy was in favor of. Keeping Confederate statues in the public eye seems disingenuous to the idea that all people are created equal. On the other hand, removing a statue is akin to turning a blind eye to our nation’s ugly histories, and discourages having difficult conversations with our children about that time in history.

So how do we resolve this? Levar Stoney, The mayor of Richmond, Virginia, proposes a reasonable compromise. Referring to the Confederate statues debate, he suggests, “I don’t believe they should be on grand boulevards like Monument Avenue, I think they should be found in museums and cemeteries and battlefields.” This compromise keeps everything in perspective. This way, we preserve history as well as the efforts of the artist, but the statue’s cultural impact is lessened by its displacement.

If this were to happen, what should replace it? Leaving a statue’s place blank almost seems like a statement in favor of the original statue. Petitions are calling for local celebrities or urban legends, but there is no clear answer to this question yet. The replacement statue will depend on what the people there want to commemorate. Is there a singer/songwriter from the region? A college mascot? Another historical figure? The very act of taking down statues is an on-going debate, so replacing them will take even more work. But as long as enough people can agree on the same idea, it will happen.

Keep in mind that taking down a statue can be as important as installing it. Removing a statue is not always a permanent thing. The statue may be placed in a museum or used as a study or for historical purposes. It is important to remove it with care. The first step is to identify how the bronze is attached to the base. Once that is determined you will want to use the proper tools. Saws all with proper metal cutting blades and proper pry bars will be needed along with a fork lift to lift the statue to pay new location. Preparing a crate for the see the stir to be housed in for future use is a great way to preserve the art work.

If and when you decide to remove your outdated statue, Big Statues can help you do it in a cost effective way! 

Read About Ordering Your Bronze Statue

Commissioning a custom statue is a way to bring class and affluence to a public or private space. Whether you want to commemorate a significant event or memorialize a special person, a custom bronze sculpture is an ideal way to pay tribute, either in private or public, like a sculpture park or garden.  Read More…


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