23 Jun Big Statues Erects Majestic Mascot for Tongan School

Tupou High School  is a Methodist boys’ secondary boarding school in Toloa on the island of Tongatapu, Tonga. The school specializes in training students in Christian discipleship through programs of worship, study, work and recreation. Their school motto is “Ko Tonga Mo’unga Ki He Loto,” which translates to “Tonga’s Strength-hold is its Heart.” The hermit crab symbolizes an array of attributes to the students and faculty who attend the school. The hermit crab doesn’t just wear its shell for show, it lives in its shell. This means that the hermit crab is always at home, no matter where it really is. This can symbolize a sense of belonging or comfort. The crab also signifies perseverance and tenacity as it hunts out its own success and destiny.

When Big Statues was called to funnel over the idea of creating this custom bronze sculpture, they thought to the symbolism of this project and how the company of Big Statues carried the same values and tenacity. It was a project that carried a certain spirit about it and had meaning that had been passed down generation after generation. Matt Glenn, the lead sculptor said, ” We absolutely love working on projects that have an underlying meaning and passion behind it.” It took countless hours to get the exact design and positing of the hermit crab accurate, but it was worth it. The result is a beautifully sculpted treasure that will stand in front of the school to carry on the their tradition and beliefs through the many generations to come.

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