31 Oct Big Statues Creates “THE ATLAS” for Delta Defense.

Custom bronze statue company Big Statues has created a wildly lifelike rendition of the famous piece, ‘The Atlas’. The bronze statue was custom created for a large company out of Wisconsin, Delta Defense.

Artist Matt Glenn of Big Statues in Provo, Utah has been commissioned by the CEO of Delta Defense, Timothy Schmidt, to create this life size masterpiece. This bronze statue, titled “The Atlas,” is of a man who, using all of his strength, is lifting a globe above his head; an accurate representation of what the company believes in and stands for.

This detailed custom statue was created and designed with the purpose of enveloping the company’s mission, which, in summary, is to provide gun-owners with the training and knowledge of how to make the right decisions when defending the people who they love. The bronze statue is to be completed and sent to the Delta Defense headquarters located in West Bend, Wisconsin in the next few months. It will be displayed in the entrance of the building, inspiring its clients, members, subscribers, and employees to carry the duty of protecting their loved ones, just as Atlas carries the globe.

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