11 Mar Big Statues creates Red Tailed Hawk with inspiring message for Hillsborough College

World-renowned bronze statue artist, Matt Glenn, has created a custom bronze sculpture of a red tailed hawk for Hillsborough Community College. Inscribed along the wings of this hawk’s massive wingspan, are the names of the donors of the beautiful statue, including Marth S. Antoine, Federal Work Study Assistant, who spoke these inspiring words at the college’s last commencement ceremony: “…This is just another beginning, the future is now in our hands…”  Written into the feathers of the tail of the school’s mascot is this message of hope and encouragement for all graduating classes of the institution. Whether alumni, prospective, current students of Hillsborough Community College, academics from all around the school will be able to stop and view this majestic creature and be filled with awe, ready to go out into the world and make the future a product of their many accomplishments.

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