26 Apr Big Statues Creates Memorial Statue for 10 Year Old Baseball Lover


Kaiser Carlile, a well known name throughout Liberal Kansas, is a somber but humbling topic. In 2015, a terrible accident occurred at a baseball game, and it took the life of this sweet innocent 10 year old. Kaiser’s life was baseball. Everyone who knew him, knew that was his greatest passion. Kaiser could often be found hanging out with the boys in the dugout. The players were his brothers, family, his “team”.

Big Statues received a saddening message in the fall of 2015, asking for a memorial statue to be made in Kaiser’s honor. Although it is exciting to be given the amazing opportunity to work on statues that are going to be appreciated and honored, it is so saddening. “When we receive messages in our inbox, including such stories, I often can’t help, but reflect on my own life. What if that was my own child?” Matt Glenn, president of Big Statues explained. “It helps me check back into reality, and do my very best work, to honor these individuals, especially this sweet boy. His family deserves it. The team deserves it. Kaiser deserves it.”

When creating the statue, Matt used pictures to get every aspect of the statue to look just like Kaiser. It is difficult to look at a picture and sculpt what is seen, into the clay perfectly. Matt Glenn is a very talented artist. It is amazing how much the statue looks like Kaiser and especially, doing something that was loved so much, and was a great passion.

There will be a nice celebration of Kaiser’s life, when this great statue will be unveiled and displayed at the Liberal Bee Jay’s baseball stadium, the location where Kaiser’s team will continue to play in his honor. The statue unveil will be taking place at the stadium on June 3rd, 2016. This will be a great life celebration, and it will not want to be missed.

Check the team’s website for more information. Click here.

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