22 Dec Big Statues Called to Bring Car Designer To Life

It is important to remember influential individuals, through a way that they will be recognized, by those that have been impacted by the ideas and the great life that was lived. The Duesenberg Museum in Auburn, Indiana, has asked Big Statues, to create statues of those that played a large role in the creation and development of the Classic Duesenberg Automobile. Three other statues have previously been made for this same museum and are on display, but this upcoming statue that is currently being created, is one of the most exciting.

Alan Huet Leamy Jr. was born in Arlington, Maryland, on June 4th 1902. His father was a manager with the Welsbach Co. firm that held the rights to manufacture incandescent gas goods. Leamy was introduced to cars and the ideas created, at a very early age. He was a life-long automobile enthusiast, and had a great desire to create and design. He developed a keen interest in engineering and architecture while attending high school.

Leamy was stricken with spinal polio, an acute viral infection that causes permanent muscle damage to the legs, which forced Alan to use a cane and wear a brace on his debilitated leg for the rest of his life. This is also an interesting fact to know, considering the idea that your legs are necessary to maneuver a car. Leamy was able to compensate for his disability through his fine sense of style and attention to detail. He learned to drive through an unusual technique by which he was able to control the clutch of the car, with his left arm, instead of his left leg. Most people were not aware of his impairment.

Some of the most memorable designs for cars of the late 20’s and early 30’s, were designed by Alan Leamy. He was self taught, and he became one of the only designers to “get by” in his field of employment, with just the strength of his portfolio. If he would loose his job, he quickly would find another, because of his indescribable talent. He truly is one of the most amazing individuals in the design field for his era, and is still remembered by many to this day.

Big Statues is grateful and excited for this opportunity to create a memorial for this wonderful and talented individual. “He is one that we feel deserves recognition for the things that he accomplished.” said Matt Glenn, owner and lead sculptor of Big Statues. “He had difficult circumstances and trials in his life, yet he still worked hard, and accomplished so much.”

For more information on Alan Leamy, or on the Duesenberg Museum, please visit http://www.automobilemuseum.org.

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