13 Jul Big Statues Brings Healing Through A Timeless Bronze Memorial Statue

Students in Joshua Independent School District plan a bronze memorial statue constructed by Big Statues of Utah to honor 15-year-old Aaron Singleton who died after taking a hit in a football game.
In November 2016, Aaron Singleton, 15, a student at Joshua High School in Texas, suffered seizures after taking a hit during a game. He was rushed to the hospital, where doctors reportedly discovered he had a blood clot and swelling in his brain. The next day, he was taken off life support after doctors determined he was still unresponsive.
“We didn’t think it was as bad as it was originally, until we started hearing more about it,” said Laura Miranda, one of Singleton’s good friends and fellow classmates. Then the student body received the announcement he had died. “It was just really sad, the mood of the entire school,” Miranda said. “You didn’t really hear anybody talking in the hallways.” Since his death, Miranda and several other students wanted to find a way to honor him. Their idea was to put up a life-size custom bronze statue of Aaron Singleton sitting outside of Owl Stadium.
Big Statues will be erecting a life size version of Singleton, down on one knee with his helmet placed in front. Matt Glenn of Provo, UT, will be fronting the project. With over 20 years of experience, he plans on making this memorial a special experience for the high school. “What an honor it is to be able to recreate the life of someone through a custom bronze memorial,” Glenn stated. “It is a beautiful experience to be a part of, just as much for us as it is for the family.”
Aaron Singleton’s organs were donated which created a stir of emotions and a viral video of his mother, Cassondra Singleton, who met with some of the recipients of organs from her teen son. The video showed her with a stethoscope listening to the new beating heart of her late son in the chest of the donor recipient. “You know, it’s a little sad. It’s very sad. Because I don’t have my son, but the others [organ recipients]get to live life to the fullest and that means a lot to me and my family.”
The statue is in the final stages of completion and is set to have an official unveiling during the first football game of the season on September 1, 2017.
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