31 Aug Big Statues Begins War Dog Memorial Sculpture-Press Release

Big Statues, a custom bronze sculpting company based in Provo, Utah, originally worked with Diane Baker in 2010 while sculpting three, life-size bronze sculptures for a family memorial park.


The most recent sculpture will be placed on display by a newly constructed animal shelter in honor of the veterans and specifically the war dogs that paid the ultimate sacrifice to keep our country safe.


The six feet sculpture will display a soldier from the Vietnam War Era in a flak jacket and combat boots kneeling next to his loyal dog, who stands with his ears perked and his tongue out.


Big Statues is honored to work with Diane Baker and the wonderful committee on this project, and to be given the opportunity to create a piece of artwork that pays tribute to such an honorable cause.


With every bronze memorial sculpture created, sculptor Matt Glenn takes special care to recreate the individual with exactness.  Whether an animal, mascot, or life-size sculpture, Big Statues will include the spirit and tenacity of the piece being recreated.


If you would like more information on how you can have a custom bronze sculpture created, please visit www.bigstatues.com or call 801-373-5540.


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