18 Sep Big Statues Attend Duesenberg Festival in Auburn

Every year the city of Auburn Indiana invites residents and visitors from all over to participate in the Auburn Cord Duesenberg Festival. This year was the mark of the 59th anniversary of the festival, making it one of the oldest and largest festivals in the State of Indiana. This year was the year of the Duesenberg.


The Duesenberg automobile was named after Fred and Augie Duesenberg who possessed amazing creative automotive talents. With great expectations, The Duesenberg brothers started production of the car, but after the first year of production, only 150 cars had been sold.

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The greatest days for the Duesebnberg were yet to come, when E.L. Cord became a part of the project. Cord challenged Fred to start with a clean slate and create the World’s finest motorcar. Duesenbergs then became the favorites of movie stars and millionaires. the great depersion had a deestating affect on automobile sales, especially the sales of the beloved Duesenberg. A total of only 481 of these masterpieces were produced by the time Duesenberg closed their doors to production.

Matt Glen, president of Big Statues and head sculptor was able to fly out for this annual event. There was an exciting unveil of original artwork that took place during this festival. Matt created a beautiful statue of E.L. Cord, the third statue Matt had made for this event over a period of a few years.


For more information you can visit the website at: http://www.acdfestival.org/

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