01 Aug Big Statues Announces New Mascot Contest for Schools!

Looking for a great senior class gift for 2012? Want to leave your school with something they’ll never forget? Submit a video to Big Statues and we’ll create a one-of-a-kind bronze statue of your mascot! Enter into this year’s Mascot Contest for a chance to win a custom bronze statue of your mascot for your school!

Submit a video of 3 minutes or less to info@bigstatues.com, showing your best school spirit and explain why you think your school deserves to win their very own bronze statue of their mighty mascot.

Big Statues will pick the top videos and send the winners an original sketch of what your mascot will look like for free!

Call (801) 358-9739 for any questions and post your video today! Like us on Facebook and follow updates on the Mascot Contest at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Big-Statues-Mascot-Contest/179094265491574?sk=wall&filter=2 and share this link with your friends!

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