23 Mar A Little League, But a Big Statue – Short Stop Made for Little League Statue Series in PA

Beginning yet again, Matt Glenn of Big Statues has been asked to create another statue for the Little League Baseball Statue Series in Williamsport, PA. This will be the twelfth statue that Matt Glenn has made for this particular series, creating a superb landmark for baseball fan from all over. It is definitely a sight to be seen!

The team at Big Statues is working closely with Jason Fink to make certain that every detail is picture perfect. This bronze statue series is quite the place to have your picture taken, and is known all around America. These Little League statues have not only impacted the tourism of the town, but it creates a marvelous historical event for Williamsport town history.

“I was excited they asked me to add onto this team of baseball players. I’m honored to be continuously a part of this history, and that i have been made a part of this Little League family. No team is complete without a short stop. Right?” Matt Glenn is excited to announce that he is working on creating the Short Stop for this series.It has been an excitement for all those involved, and those that live in Williamsport, but especially those at Big Statues. “It has been fun to watch it all finally come together. A little bitter sweet.”

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