20 Apr Budget Constraints? Here are 7 Ways to Fund Your Statue!

Creating Your Statue is an investment and often fundraising is needed to complete your project. We would like to help you throughout this process as much as possible, including having great prices for museum quality work. In addition, we have listed a few suggestions that can help you reach your goal while you are fundraising for your statue.

  • Donor Bricks: A great way to get members of your community involved is by helping them feel involved within the process. Completed statues are commonly placed onto a concrete or brick base. You can sell bricks with donors names engraved to be placed below the statue. This technique is an effective way to use smaller donations to fund your project with minimal original cost
  • Donor Plaques: Similar to Donor Bricks, plaques are a great way to motivate donors to get involved in your project. For donors that give a certain amount towards the project can be acknowledged by placing a plaque, including their name, either near or on the base of the statue. This approach creates both a beautiful way to appreciate donors, as well as the ability to reach your fundraising goal.
  • Miniature Sculptures: Creating excitement around your statue is essential to raising funds for your project. Creating and selling small, resin versions of your decided statue has shown to be very effective in raising money. Pricing is available and can be sold to bring you closer to your goal. Contact us for more information.
  • Limited Edition Bronze Miniatures: In the past this has been proven to be an extremely effective way to both motivate and reward donors who contribute $5-$10 thousand dollars towards a project. We simply create beautiful high quality replicas, at a smaller size for the donors so they receive a beautiful and personal memory that will last for generations to come. It has been tested and proven on many occasions to aid in raising money for your project.
  • Golf Tournaments: A popular and lighthearted method for fundraising is simple events such as golf tournaments, a hole in one contest, or even a simple barbecue. This is a great way to get many different people involved while creating an enjoyable and memorable event.
  • Social Platforms: A simple way to reach new people is through social platforms such as Go Fund Me, Kickstarter, Facebook, etc. People are constantly looking to help fund great projects, just like yours! Simply creating a video starring a popular figure from your community can be extremely effective in creating hype and excitement around your project while also creating awareness!
  • Corporate Sponsorship: Reaching out to corporations gain be beneficial for both parties. The motivation of having their corporation advertised can aid you in gathering funds for your goal. You could easily place a plaque representing the corporation’s sponsorship or even incorporate their branding into the artwork itself! Either way, this can be a highly effective fundraising tool.

If you would like to talk more about fundraising for your statue or if you have any questions, email us at info@bigstatues.com or call us at (801) 358-9739.


Below are a few examples of fundraising events that actually brought projects to life!

* EXAMPLE A: A city in Georgia wanted to place a sculpture representing a local well-known historic figure (Doc Holliday) during the city’s Main Street improvements, they qualified for funds through their local convention and visitors bureau (CVB) because they agreed the art would inspire visitors to the local museum and create a sense of place for their historic walking tours as well as a photo opportunity for Facebook and Instagram, which would help with social media marketing and exposure.


* EXAMPLE B: A group in Wilsonville, Oregon had a need for an equestrian statue representing the horse industry and was able to secure funds by partnering with the local Community Arts Council and qualify for funds from the local Chamber of Commerce, which received lodging tax from the city for managing the local visitor center. This money could be earmarked for projects that enhanced the visitor experience and in this case included partially funding this statue at the visitor center park.


* EXAMPLE C: A tragic event takes the life of several community firefighters and a group of individuals proposes erecting a memorial statue at the site. They create an artistic rendering of the proposed statue (created by Big Statues) and present at several local organizations asking for support. The local firefighters, VFW and Rotary Club sign on to the project and together they raise the money through their own individual efforts. They complete the project and each organization is named in appreciation, honoring those lost. *The social media and press following for situations like these are extremely valuable and bring the community together.



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