20 Jun 20-foot foam statues of the Heat basketball team

The Miami Heat’s three most celebrated (and denigrated) players — LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh — are often called the ‘Big Three,’ but they’ve got nothing on their massive foam likenesses that a Florida amusement-supply company.  The real Heat players will begin their third attempt at an NBA title tonight when they take on the Spurs, but until then, the residents of South Florida may need to take cover from the statues, which range in size from 16 feet (shorty Wade) to 20 feet (big-man Bosh). Finally, giant replicas to match NBA players’ giant egos.

The statues are made completely out of foam, and according to Prime Time Amusement’s president, who is also a Heat season ticket holder, they’re pretty much just made because they can be. Why not, right? If you can build a huge Big Three, you probably should. No reason not to.

Here’s your LeBron James statue….with shaved armpits.

This is your Dwyane Wade.

Oh, and here’s your Chris Bosh. We modeled his face on Romany Malco’s.

Were you concerned the statues weren’t big enough? Come over here and stand by them real quick.

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