29 Jul 20 Year-Old Young Man Remembered Forever in Bronze Statue

A young man left this world before his time in a tragic motorcycle accident, just one year ago. Now, on the anniversary of his passing, Trevor Alves (April 26, 1990 – July 1, 2010) is honored and remembered forever, by a custom bronze statue. Crafted to the exact likeness and carefree countenance of this young adventurer, a 6 ft, life-size bronze statue now stands at the entrance to the residence where Trevor grew up in Dartmouth, MA. Greeting everyone as they enter the grounds, Trevor’s memory now touches the lives of each person who drives by.

This extraordinary bronze statue was designed and created by artist, Matt Glenn, owner and lead sculptor of Big Statues www.BigStatues.com. Over a year ago, Trevor’s father, Alan, contacted Matt about creating a life-size memorial of his beloved son, and for the past six months, Matt has carefully molded, sculpted, and finished, each endearing feature of his son’s statue, to truly honor Trevor’s spirit forever.

After seeing the completed statue installed at his gates, Alan Alves exclaimed, “Trevor’s statue came out amazing. Excellent art.  The likeness is truly amazing.” With such an inspiring testament, Alan’s legacy will live forever on in New Bedford, Massachusetts, and the hearts of all who come.

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