26 Jul 12 amazing treehouses around the planet


Did you ever have the childhood fantasy of building a great treehouse towering high above? If you did, and actually brought the fantasy into reality, your building may have been limited to just a few pieces of lumber and the house itself only lasted a few seasons. While it was good fun, it never became anything extremely elaborate. Today, for some creative people, their childhood fantasies never left and they have continued to design and build some very impressive homes in the trees.

What draws them upward? Is it purely adventure? Maybe it’s part of being human and channeling the inner primitive. After all, there are many indigenous people groups that lived in the trees to protect them from wild animals.

Above:  The HemLoft Treehouse – A retired software designer decided to become a carpenter and build “something cool” in Whistler, Canada. (image credit)
Below: Treehouse in Muskoka – Designed by Lukasz Kos, this modern designed house is in Lake Muskoka, Ontario. (image: imgur)

Minister’s Treehouse – Deep in the heart of Tennessee is a grand old treehouse made mostly of reclaimed wood. (image: imgur)

Three Story Treehouse – In British Columbia is a three story treehouse said to be one of the tallest. (image: imgur)

Eco-Friendly Treehouse – In the jungles of Costa Rica. Part of a treehouse community called Finca Bellavista. (image credit: Anders Birch)


Treehouse for Birds and People – If you have ever wanted to live with the birds, now you can. Inside is a separation wall, yet humans can still peak in and watch the birds next door. (nendo.jp)


Senior Center Turned Treehouse – Designed for a sculptural festival, this treehouse in Ghent, Belgium has an angle to it. (Benjamin Verdonck)

Mirror Treehouse – Designed by Tham & Videgard, this mirror tree house seems like it disappears at times.


The Bird’s Nest – In Sweden lies a huge birds nest with a fully modernized room inside. (inredningsgruppen.se)


Yellow Treehouse Restaurant – This treehouse restaurant in Auckland, New Zealand can host up to 18 guests at a time. (Peter Eising/Lucy Gauntlett)

UFO Treehouse – The TreeHotel in Sweden creates an extraterrestrial experience. Bring your Reese’s Pieces! (treehotel.se)

Teahouse Tetsu – Looking like something out of an anime series, architect Terunobu Fujimori creates a nice house amongst the Cherry Blossoms.

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