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Why Choose Big Statues?

Artist Matt Glenn wants to help you to create a timeless bronze sculpture that commemorates those in your community that have made a difference.

Our 6,500 square-foot sculpture studio is prepared to create exactly what you’re looking for.  Your project will be designed, sculpted, and molded, all under one roof. In our casting process we use only the highest quality of USA bronze and insure your project is delivered to you on time.

  • Why does it cost so much?

The bronze process is very labor intensive and includes several time consuming and expensive processes. To produce your bronze sculpture the exact likeness needs to be sculpted in clay. Several layers of silicone are added to the sculpture to create a mold. The mold is then taken to the foundry where a lengthy process of pouring, welding, and finishing the bronze is started.

We do our best to work with your organization and the funds you have available. Our competitive pricing provides you with top quality artwork you can’t find anywhere else.


  • How am I going to know it likes the pictures.

We work directly from photos, video, and props you send us. We send you updated images along the way, giving you the creative control to make any changes. We never move forward until you are 100% satisfied with the likeness.


  • How will I get the statue all the way from Utah!?

We ship statues all over the world! Shipping is not a problem and is a lot more affordable than you might think. Also, we handle the whole process for you! Once the statue is cast in bronze we create a custom crate and send it directly to the installation location through a third party carrier. We insure the sculpture for the full replacement cost while it is being shipped.


  • How long will it last?

Bronze is only gets better with age! Bronze material is nonporous and last under extreme weather conditions. If a wax protectant is applied annually the statue will maintain its original finish. If left unattended the bronze will darken and create its own natural patina. We insure the statue for life!


  • What sets Big Statues apart?

We are a small family owned and operated company that prides itself on building lifetime friendships through bronze art. We love what we do for a living and believe that is reflected through our work and reputation.



We look forward to creating your dream.

Call us today for more details (801) 358-9739 or send us an email for more information