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How We Approach Bronze Plaques

The bronze plaque process:

  1. THE CONCEPT/IDEA Choosing your subject is the first step. Anything from bronze memorial plaques, large cemetary plaques or bronze bas relief plaques. Our design team will help you design a statue that is right for your needs. We like to work with you to come up with an original idea that you can call your own. Being involved in the design process is one of the reasons so many clients choose our company. We want to make you happy for your personalized bronze plaques.
  2. PRELIMINARY DRAWINGS Once we have a concept, we start to design your statue using various drawings. You are welcome to submit your own drawings if you have a specific design that you feel comfortable with. We like to get the idea down on paper to give us a good prospective of what we are about to create in clay.
  3. THE PLAQUE MODEL A 14 inch model of your bronze custom plaque will be created to visualize your design in 3-d – cast bronze plaques. If there is something you don’t like or want to change you just let us know and we fix it to your liking. Upon your approval the model will be molded and used as a guide line in the production of your big statue. This works to your advantage in two ways. First you know what your statue will look and you can use the model as an award or to give as gifts and perhaps even as a marketing tool.
  4. CONSTRUCTION OF THE ARMATURE The constrution of the armature is one of the many important steps in the making of your statue. A steel frame is constructed and foam is added to create a rough outline of your statue. The amature is then sealed with a latex coating and the sculpture process is ready to begin.
  5. THE SCULPTING PROCESS Once the armature is completed we start the sculpting process. By hand we apply hundreds of pounds of hot clay. Needless to say this is a very time consuming process, sometimes taking several weeks to coat the whole statue and to complete the “block in” stage. With the clay applied we start putting in the detail and your statue starts to take shape. Adding and subtracting clay to get the perfect look is art and it takes time and many man hours to get that look – bronze plaques signed. We spend hundreds of hours on every project during this process to insure that your statue is one that will make you proud -bronze plaque wall.
Large Custom Bronze Plaque

Large Custom Bronze Plaque

Custom Bronze Plaque for the BYU Academy

Custom Bronze Plaque for the BYU Academy

Bronze Plaque

Bronze Plaque

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